Hilton congratulates Soltuna


AUSTRALIAN high commissioner to Solomon Islands has congratulated Soltuna for the successful implementation of the Pikinini Kea Hau project.

Rod Hilton said the launching of the facility yesterday was a testament of achievement and at the same time reflects the ambition of Australian government’s project in Solomon Islands – that is to create more job opportunity and to see steady economic growth.

“Impressed with Soltuna and its operation more especially the job opportunities the company established to Solomon Islanders.

“Soltuna products are famous around the world selling into Europe and the pacific

“I can understand why it is a number tuna because Soltuna renowned for quality and safety and care of the workforce,” he said.

Hilton acknowledges Noro community and Soltuna for the determination in making sure there are balance in work place and home.

He said Australia is a supporter of job creation in every aspect of its operation in Solomon Islands.

Hilton stressed that Australian supports are more focus is on private sector and job creation adding Australia believes in quality work

He said jobs that Australian government wants to establish are to enable Solomon Islanders to provide for their families, to ensure children attend school and strengthen communities at all levels.

“That is why what we are celebrating today (yesterday) is so exciting.

“This pikinini haus helps the workers of Soltuna to earn and support their families, in a highly skill work place where every individuals is valued for knowing their children are safe and receiving quality care.

“It shows other employees right across the country that they can lift their employees up by providing this kind of service.

“It will free-up women who work for Soltuna community from having to do all the work at home but to concentrate on their job and save money.

“No one has to loss a day’s work to stay home because no one is there to take care of household responsibilities,” Hiltom said.

He said the facility will directly achieve its goal with a greater impact on Soltuna’s productivity.

Hilton said Australian and Western Province will remain a number one partnership into the future.

“I have a long and productive conversation with the premier. I was able to listen and discussed with Premier Billy Veo and what his government’s priorities will be and I’ve been able to peak through how Australian Government will offer our support.

“Job and economic growth were the core discussion and Australian will continue to work with Western Province to achieve its ambitions,” he said.

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