Authorities unite to remove vendors from Gizo streets


GIZO Town Council, Western Province Environmental Health, Gizo Police and Western Province’s Tourism Department are joining force to tackle street vending in the provincial capital.

The team took the first step yesterday with a warning that there will be no more selling of betel nuts and cooked food along Gizo streets.

Betel nut vendors and those selling cooked food on the street were given notices to cease their activities by Monday next week.

Those who fail will be slapped with appropriate penalties.

Gizo Town Clerk Charles Kelly said the move is to improve cleanliness and also promote a healthy environment for residents.

He said Gizo is also the headquarters of Western Province and it has been determined by the Provincial Administration to ensure order is carried out for the betterment of all.

Kelly said the drastic approach is important to break the chain of lawlessness, which continues to threaten the beauty of Gizo.

“My apologies for any inconvenience this decision may cause but we must work together to make this town a healthy and clean place to live,” Kelly said.

“We need to change our approach as we are witnessing tourists coming into our province, not only that, but we will also help ourselves to live in a clean and healthy environment,” he added.

Kelly said time for leniency is gone and it is time for drastic approach for a better cause for Gizo and Western Province.

Western Tourism Officer, Fabina Lilo welcomes Kelly’s sentiment, saying that Gizo has lost its status as a clean and beautiful town and this must be changed.

She said tourists who recently visited Gizo have a bad impression of the town as the town is invaded by wastes.

Lilo said tourism is all about giving tourists the good impression along with service provided such as diving, tours and bird watching.

“We lost our status as a clean town and we must fix this. I call on Gizo residence to work closely with Gizo Town Council to make sure our town is a must see place in Solomon Islands.

“We don’t want to see betel nut stalls as tourists’ first impression. We can do this and I need your support,” she said.

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