East Malaita looks forward to Taba’a road construction soon


EAST Malaita constituency (EMC) is looking forward to the construction of Taba’a road from East Malaita to Fiu River in West Kwara’ae and Auki soon.

The project is part of the East Malaita constituency road programme.

Community project officer for the constituency, Mr William Kwalemanu told SunAuki yesterday they are preparing for another segment of the road next year.

He said Taba’a road if completed will be another road access within the region of Kwara’ae from east to west of the province and the shortest route to the current Auki/Dala to East Malaita road.

Kwalemanu said the constituency’s road programme is waiting for two of their new machines to arrive from Honiara to support their fleet in the Taba’a road construction.

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), Mr Stephen Maesiola had thanked MPs for their road programmes in Malaita province.

Speaking during the recent handover of government funded economic infrastructure projects at Malu’u, he said MID was grateful for road constructions underway in various part of the province under the support of MPs program towards infrastructure development for Malaita province.

“It is a history for the province that our MPs are working very hard to connect roads in the province,” he said.

Maesiola said under the MPs road program, people will see East Road connects through Taba’a in the highlands of East Malaita to Fiu River in West/Central Kwara’ae and Auki.

He added that there are other road constructions underway that will soon to be seen connection of roads in the northwest & east as well as in the east and central Kwara’ae and southern region of the province.

Maesiola said MID is very supportive of the MP’s road programs in Malaita province as it tries to provide transportation access to connect people and economic activities in the province.

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