Siwainao hopes to get his children back soon


Medical doctor and father of two Dr Jack Siwainao says he expects the soon return of his two daughters who were held against their will in Papua New Guinea.

Siwainao had posted on his facebook wall on Wednesday 23 November an acknowledgement thanking the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) James Marape and all those who are involved in response to his call for the safe return of his two daughters.

The girls accompanied their PNG mother to Moresby in 2019, but the woman remarried and has since passed away in September this year.

This left the two girls stranded in PNG and attempts by Siwainao to talk to them have proven futile.

This week, he went on social media calling for help to get his two daughters back.

His appeal went viral and has attracted a lot of supports in Solomon Islands and abroad calling for the safe return of the girls.

PNG’s Post Courier newspaper had run an article that featured Siwainao’s plea for the safe return of his daughters.

This week Director Immigration, Chris Akosawa says on Facebook he had a zoom meeting with his PNG counter-parts, the PNG Immigration Citizenship Authority (ICA), to discuss the matter.

“I have spoken with executive officers who are supportive to locate the two children for repatriation back to Solomon Islands.

“PNG ICA had advised me to inform Siwainao to contact them and Solomon Islands High Commission (SIHC) in Port Moresby (POM) for assisting him to repatriate his children back to Solomon Islands.

“I have given officer’s email so that Siwainao can communicate with PNG ICA,” Akosawa said.

He also called on everyone not to speculate about deportation, saying that it is not the best option when dealing with children related issues.

“Immigration understands Child Rights Conventions (CRC) and during any circumstances facing risks under the laws, laws to protect children always prevail.

“I will continue to communicate with our PNG counterparts to assist Dr Jack to have access to his children ensuring that PNG ICA assists the children.

“Just to assure you all that PNG ICA and Solomon Islands Immigration we have close working relations as Melanesian brothers.

“Just last month (October) I was in POM having meeting with PNG ICA over issues of common interests and one of them is visas for Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and PNG ICA supports for Solomon Islands Immigration.”

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