Stop comparing Malaita with other provinces: Suidani.



PREMIER of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani has asked that people stop comparing Malaita with other provinces as they are still healing.

He said critics often gaze at Malaita province other than other provinces when it comes to development, but why it is so?

Everyone should appreciate the fact that all provinces deserve development and that could only happen when people stand united and work together.

Premier Daniel Suidani recently said that despite these critics and odds, Malaita province is healing right now and will continue to heal.    

He said at the moment, Winrock and Green Power Tech under the USAID Scale project are on Malaita and the MARA government and its people must be applauded for bringing them to the province.

Suidani said that they are in the province and this is because of the strong stand by the people and government of Malaita province.

“This is an indication of togetherness and nothing is impossible when people have one mind to go.

He said it is said that nothing is happening on Malaita province, Malaita is late for development.

The question is, “who or which province are you comparing Malaita province with? Suidani asked.

Even small it might be, he said Auki town now has two new garbage trucks, a betel nut market, MPG employees get their salary at the right time and many developments are happening in the province on a small scale.

Suidani said the province is healing right now and will continue to heal. He said as you can see things are happening, Malaita is healing.

“And I want to tell you that many good things are coming,” he said.

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