Stimulus package in final stage

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STIMULUS package for the economy is in the final stage of being completed for presentation to cabinet before the end of this week, says Robson Djokovic, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister’s Office.

Djokovic in a 4th talk back show on covid-19 updates held on Sunday 26th April at the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC).

“The stimulus package Prime Minister Referred in his national address on Friday is in the final stages of being completed for presentation to cabinet should be before the end of this week.

“Stimulus package as you will all be aware is to cushion the impact of covid19 on the national economy meaning the government want to inject funds into the country ‘economy through private business state own enterprises and also through line ministries,” he said.

Djokovic said the package will take time simply because of the importance and it will be delivered in various sectors.

He said it has taken long because the government has to ensure the money that will be injected into the stimulus package will its recipients so it can stimulate the economy ad to ensure it will continue to turn over during this emergency phase. 

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare when delivering his 5th nationwide address on April 7th 2020 stressed this package is his government efforts address impacts of the pandemic and off course the recent cyclone                                    

“The Economic Stimulus Package is a demonstration of my Government’s Commitment to cushion the negative impact caused by both the COVID-19 global pandemic and the recent cyclone, and ease the fallout of the pandemic on businesses and the general public.

The economic stimulus package is aimed at stabilizing our domestic economy by addressing the drop-in business activities resulting from the downscaling to both private and public sector operations. 

While at the same time, the stimulus package is aimed at focusing on providing strategic investments into the domestic economy over the emergency period to support and complement the post COVID-19 economic recovery phase,” Sogavare.