Police records zero border crossing: Mangau

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau
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ACTING Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau during the talk-back show on Sunday 26th April revealed zero crossing at the Western Border.

He said police have deployed 57 police officers with its resources in manning the border with other government law enforcement agencies.

Mangau assured the public that police have the logistical capability in manning the border and so far, police have sent three speed crafts, five banana boats powered with 60horsepower engines to assist police officers and other agencies at the Border.

He also said another batch of suppliers for the officers at the Border will also be supplied sometimes this week along with some officers to replace officers on the ground.

And another police speed craft will also be deployed as well, Mangau said.

Mangau said since they have more officers at the Border there has been zero crossing zero crossing and police along with stakeholders will continue to monitor border due to the coronavirus.

He also commended the communities and Chiefs of Shortland Islands for working together with the team at the Border in ensuring that our country is COVID-19 free.