Status of Malaita health system worrying: Dr Danitofea



SUPERVISING director of Malaita provincial health, Dr David Danitofea has revealed that more than 70 percent of health system in the province has run-down, and only waits to be shutdown.

Danitofea made the statement during the launch of covid-19 vaccination program Friday in Auki saying it’s a blow for the province as it faces the threat from the pandemic.

He said early this year a study was carried out by UNICEF and provincial health on health facilities, staffing, drugs and other related health resources in the province.

Danitofea said the report produced after the survey was interesting as it found that more than 70 percent of health facilities in the province had run down and some need to close-down.

“Our health facilities are not up to standard. Adding to that, more than half of rural clinics in the province are run by nurse-aides instead of registered nurses,” Danitofea said.

“Even Kilu’ufi hospital also faces similar situation. Sometimes during a shift, only a nurse will look after the whole ward whilst this is the main hospital in province,” he added.

Members of provincial health staffs inside the vaccination centre at Auki Market.

Danitofea stressed that health system in the province was not up to standard and does not match what the ministry of health wants for the country.

“Our health system is down and we are struggling with it. Exposing this is for us to see the reality of our health system… it’s not a good news,” he said.

Danitofea said being with that run-down health status, think about if the corona virus enters Malaita.

“It will be a blow and disaster for Malaita.”

He said while the national government is doing all it could to stop the virus, people must be responsible and get vaccinated to prevent a disaster in the event the virus enters the community.

“The best thing to do to prevent corona virus is get vaccinated, so that we are ready to face the virus. And only through that we can deal with it.

“We must try all our best to avoid the virus and not just to sit down and do nothing,” Danitofea said.

He urged Malaitans to get vaccinated.

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