Sport industry must be recognised

EARNING salaries through sports is probably a long way away from us in the Solomon Islands yet.

Overseas however, men and women involved in professional sports can earn a great deal of money at the highest levels.

The sport industry is a thriving one and overseas it is a lucrative market.

In the world, sports industry has become a source of national growth.

It has become important in offering employment as the domestic need of a country grows.

For Solomon Islands, it is critical that government have a clear mindset on what it wants and need to do in developing this industry.

In five years’ time, we will be hosting the Pacific Games and we are yet to see any tangible development in infrastructure.

For the Solomon Games, some provinces had not been able to host the games because of lack of infrastructure.

Infrastructure is one, recognising the potential of Solomon Islanders in physical activities is another.

The recent win by Jenly Wini in acquiring a bronze medal is the first for Solomon Islands in any Commonwealth Games since the country appeared in the games in 1982.

Jenly has made history for the Solomon Islands, not only as the first medal winner but as a female winner at that.

Press for progress is the slogan for this year’s (2018) International Women’s Day celebrations and I must admit that we in the media also lack to promote women in sports.

Maybe because we see their activity as a hobby and not as a profession?

But if we look clearly with the intention to see, we will see that this is an area which women also need the support and encouragement to develop.

On the whole, government must take the leading role in ensuring the sporting industry is recognised thus paving the way for women to also develop and take on leadership roles in this sector.

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