$30k school grant missing



PARENTS of Nanakinimae Primary School in East Kwaio are querying $30,000 of the primary division school grant which reportedly went missing.

A parent, who is also a member of the school board, speaking to Island Sun on condition of anonymity, said that the issue began at the starting of this year after parents had a quarrel with a senior staff – they demanded he be posted out of the school.

The parent said the reason is for mishandling of school grant the school experienced during eight years the staff headed the school’s administration.

“After the disagreement the staff reacted to the parents by withholding the school cheaque which contain the school grant.

“In response to that the new school board wrote a letter to BSP bank in Auki to stop withdrawal of the cheque.

“However, the staff went over to Honiara in an attempt to withdraw the money but was infertile with the documents handed to BSP to discontinue withdrawal of the cheaque.

“After failing his first attempt, he went over to Auki and asked the Malaita Education Office to write him a letter to lift the ban on the cheaque,” the parent said.

The parent continued that after the staff got the letter he handed the letter to BSP bank and won the ban to withdraw the money.

“We knew nothing about what is going on behind the scene until recently somebody told us about it.

“We went over to Auki and checked with BSP bank and Malaita Education Office and confirmed the money was withdrawn on Monday March 26, 2018,” the parent said.

The parent said they didn’t blame BSP Auki or Malaita Education Office for the matter since they did not break any law.

However, the parent said the fact that the BSP bank and Malaita Education Office failed to consult the new school board on the matter is unrespectable.

The parent said after the staff took the money the school has not heard from him since.

“The school stationery is running out and we don’t know where to get them since the money to buy for them had taken.

“The new school board also working on plan for the improvement of the school, but still nothing will happen since the money was taken.

“Our call is only for the staff to return the money back to school as it belongs to Nanakinimae Primary Division and not you the staff,” the parent said.

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