Former Honiara City Council Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Charles Kadamana
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DPP rejects embattled city clerk’s attempt to withdraw criminal case


EMBATTLED Honiara City Clerk Rence Sore yesterday made a surprise attempt to withdraw a criminal case he filed against two city councilors last year.

But the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution outrightly rejected Sore’s request on the basis much work has been already done with the case and that they are now ready to go to trial.

Sore, whose future with the council hangs in the balance after his boss city mayor Wilson Mamae was toppled Monday in a no-confidence vote, wanted the intimidation charges against councilors Reginald Ngati and Billy Abae withdrawn.

No reason was immediately provided as basis for his request.

Ngati and Abae were the two councilors who have exposed Mamae and Sore’s controversial dealings and alleged mismanagement of council funds.

The two councillors, Billy Abae and Reginald Ngati who led the charge to remove the leadership at the HCC

They were also behind the no-confidence vote that toppled Mamae on Monday. In fact Abae was the mover of the motion.

Sore claimed the two councilors threatened him in the office in June last year after he refused their requests to release their ward grants.

Abae and Ngati denied the charges, so the case was listed for trial yesterday morning when Sore and Mamae suddenly showed up at the Magistrate’s Court.

Before Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti, Sore requested the case to be withdrawn.

But public prosecutor Olivia Ratu told the court she would seek the DPP’s approval before a decision could be made. This resulted in an adjournment.

When the matter returned in the afternoon, Ratu said the DPP had refused the request for withdrawal and wanted the matter proceeded.

She said the prosecution has all its witnesses ready to give evidence in the trial.

Beneteti however, adjourned the matter for mention today because the defence lawyer Allan Hou was engaged in another High Court case.