SolRice feeds literacy campaign

By Ellison.T.Vahi

THE SolRice READ SI programme tutors in the country will host a two-week workshop.

Since 2015 SolRice has contributed to READ SI to get reading classes and books into the villages across the nation as the education sector development needs changed.

Using materials produced by READ SI and funded by businesses and SIG, SolRice are aiming in helping to improve the educational outcomes in the Solomon Islands in roles such as mentoring and supporting literacy schools.

Now, with their generous support of 67 bales of rice, trainings in 14 locations in five provinces will take place with the 168 participants learning phonics, usage of flash cards, games for sentence building and types of writing with filled stomachs.

These workshops are for two weeks with READ SI tutors using materials produced by READ SI and funded by businesses and SIG (Solomon Island Government).

READ SI is looking at different ways to reach people across the nation and will be using existing networks as everyone is ought to be a literacy champion by supporting literacy schools in neighbourhoods, in churches, in villages and with children coming home from school.

The focus is on improving education as it is the key to success and continued advancement for the Solomon Islands.

There is also a prison programme that may be starting very soon, plus the Honiara campaign which offers reading classes in people’s homes.

This whole process is a partnership between READ SI and each village that is part of the programme. It is the vision of the National Literacy Campaign to reach 600 villages.

READ SI is blessed with the funding needed to reach many different people in the provinces, villages, homes, prisons and churches.

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