Logging labelled ‘evil industry’


A concerned citizen is calling on responsible authorities to put in place control measures to address the many problems associated with logging operations in and around the country.

A Mr Henry B Kahui from East Are’are expressed that no matter where a logging company might operate, it seems that problems always follow.

He said that such problems often occur between the licence holder, resource owners and the operating company.

In relation, Kahui stated that this goes as far as disagreements, arguments and disputes amongst tribes.

“At the end of the day, criminal activities happen just because of logging operations. The logging industry has become an evil industry for this country,” he said.

On another note, Kahui stressed that resource owners are the most affected because they earn much less compared to the government and logging companies.

He added that the nature of logging operations is what causes such problems and is something that the government must address.

Kahui calls on the government, forestry association and relevant stakeholders to relook at the scope of logging operations in the country and identify the areas that most need addressing.

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