Solomon Islands embraces hookin4health


THE Hockey Hookin4Health Solomon Islands program continues its weekly visitation to schools in Honiara this month.

Following the introduction of the program at Saint Peter Channel Primary School in West Honiara last month, the Hookin4Health team facilitated the first training session for 50–plus students on Monday last week. Participants include students, teachers, and parents.

The program further expanded to Lunga Community High School and Perch Christian School on Thursday last week.

More than 200 students from both Primary and Secondary in Lunga CHS attended the introduction session, while Perch CS also showed interest with a positive turnout from ages 6 to 18. More than 100 students from Perch CS attended the introductory session.

The final school the team paid a visit to introduce the port last week was Mbua Valley Community High School on Friday and saw more than 500 students from year 7 to 12 turn up to receive the first introductory session.

Besides the school visitation program, the team’s ongoing fortnight’s fun activities for both old and new players continue at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) Multi-Outdoor court.

The team accommodates a good number of new talents fortnightly.

Hook in4 Health is the name of the project that integrates hockey and health outcomes together.

This project was first delivered in 2 countries Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Oceania Hockey Federation (OHF) is the lead hockey partner together with Hockey Australia and Aspire Cairns Hockey and Wan Smolbag. Acknowledgement of our initial partners Family Planning NSW and Flinders University ( Dr Deb Agnew and Dr Kathryn Jackson) who have set the platform and provided valuable research to carry the program into 2023 through to 2025.

Family Planning NSW introduced in country providers to support the training of staff and delivery with resources in associated health fields.

In November 2023, Hook in4 Health was launched in Honiara, Solomon Islands and the process of appointing staff for the positions is currently underway.

This is a great opportunity for the Solomon Islands to build on their successful Pacific Games last year.

This program was made in collaboration with Team Up, an Australian Government program supporting partnerships across the Pacific that use sport to bring people together, champion inclusion and create opportunity.

Team Up is a sport for development program comprising more than 30 partnerships across the Asia- Pacific that are working towards three outcomes:

-Sport programs attract and retain women, girls and people with a disability, as well as men and boys

-Sport organizations are safe, inclusive and accessible

-Australia and Asia-Pacific partners use sport to strengthen relationships and build closer collaboration

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