Solomon Games postponed?

Let the right process take course: Kiloko


CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO) for the 2018 Renbel Solomon Games, Mr Golden Kiloko has called on the Prime Minister to allow the proper process to take place before making decisions regarding the hosting of the games this November.

Mr Kiloko was responding to an alleged text message sent by Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela yesterday to Rennell and Bellona member for Parliament Dr Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u regarding the hosting of the games in the province.

“Solomon Games postponed to next year because preparations for the hosting of the games are well behind schedule. The venue for the games will be here in Honiara,” the text message which was later posted on Facebook yesterday read.

However, Kiloko has called on the two national leaders to wait and let the proper process to be carried out before sending each other such text messages.

“I’m not questioning their decision but rather they should allow the proper process and NOCSI to do their follow up visit next month before releasing such news,” he told SunSPORTS yesterday.

“I mean NOCSI has already carried out their first assessment visit to the province in April and they are going to do a follow up visit next month.

“Already they have submitted their reports and recommendations from their first visit and will visit the province again next month.

“Once they return with their report and show us their assessment findings, write to the Ministry of Home Affairs so they can send an official letter instead of treating the games as just another game tournament.

“That is what they should do,”Kiloko said.

The text message has stirred mix feelings from the Renbel community with some questioning and calling the text messaging as unprofessional from the two leaders.

“Interesting how the public of Renbel was informed by the government about this national event through a SMS text,” one concerned person said.

“The question is why this important event is change by the PM then confirms it through SMS text? Where’re the proper body and the right channels to inform the public about this SG?

“Why the PM has to release such important information through his colleague (MP), without going through the right body that responsible for the SG?

“And why did our MP not call his colleagues, the provincial executives first to discuss this important event when the MP received this text?

“Aren’t they all our provinces’ political leaders, who responsible for anything affecting our community rather than posting it first to the FB?

“Umi duim oketa samting ia olsem people no save lo value blo oketa something ia (we do these things like people who do not know the value of these things). How this information is circulated was very unprofessional,” a concerned man said.

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