Ground work ongoing: Hatigeva


Nick Hatigeva

VICE Chairman for the 2018 Renbel Solomon Games Mr Nick Hatigeva says ground preparation to host the national games in their province is in full swing.

Hatigeva was responding to an alleged text message shared between Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela and MP Dr Tautai Anigikmua Kaitu’u that stated the Solomon Games has now been cancelled for 2019.

However, Mr Hatigeva said at the moment he is in the province supervising work at various venues identified to host sporting events this November.

“I had not had any internet for the last week and only managed to access my FB account today, only to be welcomed by a very disturbing post by Derek Pongi in the Renbel Constituency group.

“I noted with dismay and suspicion the information, especially given that our MP had just returned from Rennell yesterday, and I find the news silly somehow.

“I’m here in Rennell at the moment, supervising work at Kagua that commenced yesterday and here at Tupuaki that commenced today and I must say these venue’s should be ready by the end of September and early October,” Mr Hatigeva said.

“I’m disappointed though that some of our wantoks had gone to the length of using all their energy to prevent our province from hosting the Solomon Game’s.

“What was shocking was the manner by which these guys had not even shown any courtesy to check on those of us who are working with those on the ground to find out about our timing’s for the final jobs at hand, but went ahead to push to have the games postponed and relocated to Honiara without establishing the facts.

“I had always assured our people that the venues will be ready and our LOC here in Rennell are confident about this.

“But I guess politics had blinded us so much that we can’t even help to push for this games to happen, but chose to deny our people’s desire to have the games on our shores.

“Fact is Lavagu is just about ready, Kagua will be ready next week, Tupuaki and Gongona should be completed by the end of September so as the pool at Kia Koe. “Let’s hope the national government rethink this because it’s not too late yet,” he said.

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