Sogavare calls for stronger regional intelligence network

ACTING Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called for the need to strengthen national and regional intelligence networks in the region.

Mr Sogavare was the guest speaker at the opening of the two-day South Pacific Intelligence Dialogue held in Honiara recently.

Sogavare said it is an important matter of concern that all Pacific island countries must work collaboratively towards.

“The successful implementation of any security decision rests on the value of intelligence recieved. Like they say, timely and quality intelligence provides better platform for states to make good decisions for the wellbeing of their country,” he said.

Acting PM and participants of the security dialogue.

However, the acting Prime Minister said he is pleased to note that our regional countries have been cooperating well on the matter concerned through the regional framework and bilateral cooperation.

He said Pacific island governments and intelligence groups must continue to work with communities and security agencies to build networks and partnerships that will help address the threat to our own national security.

“Our challenge is not made any easier by the diversity of our region and the never ending stretches of maritime boundaries and geographical features. This diversity makes our region more susceptible to crime syndicates and opportunists who are taking advantage to exploit our existence,” he said.

But Sogavare said ‘our obligations remain the same and that is national security is the plarform upon which our nations are built’.

“Keeping our region safe is our core responsibility and that demands greater cooperation from all of us,” he said.

He added that the emphasis on cooperation is a very important call and that is when it comes to security in the region the message that we must take in is we are not and should not be operating in isolation of each other.

“We literally become our brother’s keeper,” he said.


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