School bursar under fire


SIOTA Provincial Secondary School’s Bursar recently reported being suspended will be replaced but is yet to be directed within the next two or three weeks.

This was confirmed by the school’s Administration yesterday.

It is understood that a new school bursar is already on standby for replacement having been selected from applications submitted of interest for the position, at the right provincial authority.

The school bursar who was accepted this year by the provincial Education Authority (EA) of Central Islands Province (CIP) is being seriously dealt with after being reported in failing to submit receipting of school fees and funds of the school.

According to Siota PSS School Administration speaking to Island Sun, the process is such receipting are to be submitted first to the Deputy Principal before they are forwarded to the School Principal, however, this was not the case resulting in investigation into misappropriation of funds.

“The school’s Bursar is a direct employee of the province as his situation is dealt by the Deputy Provincial Secretary (DPS) and provincial EA,” said School Principal Fr Patterson Tako.

It is understood that the school Bursar had been yet under probation before suspension adding more seriousness in CIP’s EA not tolerating such action, taking tough measure.

As the school’s administration has just been re-resurrected this year under the leadership of the current School Principal after facing a downfall over the past two years in its academic performance as a cause of poor leadership, CIP’s EA, Provincial Government and current Siota Administration do not want the Premier School of the province turning back to such experience.

CIP’s EA during recent query have stressed their disappointment over the issue because they are striving hard on a course, struggling to rebuild the school’s reputation.

Over such, the school is under heavy guidance and watchful eyes belonging to the concerned general public as well.

“He is to be given the finish signal but it will be made known in two to three weeks time,” said the school’s Administration.

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