Sogavare calls for all to believe in ‘one, united SI’


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called on provincial governments to believe in one united Solomon Islands.

He made the comment in Buala yesterday during Isabel province’s 37th anniversary celebration.

Mr Sogavare said Solomon Islands cannot afford to break itself up into small pieces.

He thanked the Premier and the people of Isabel province for believing in a ‘one united country’.

“Isabel like any other provinces was established under the Provincial Government Act and it is important that we understand the relationship between the National Government and the Provincial governments.

Members of the community carrying gifts for invited guests

“Our Unity and our future as a nation hinges on we understand that very important fact, provinces must work with the national Government,” Sogavare said.

“We need to spread the message to other provinces and nation that we need to sustain the important links, these times are changing and I want to congratulate you Mr Premier as Isabel province is on-board on this we are facing trying circumstances and we need to re-think on a lot of things,” Sogavare said.

Sogavare also highlighted that Isabel is one of the provinces that has remained a loyal agent of the national government and for believing in one united Solomon Islands

He acknowledged the issues raised by Isabel’s Premier in his speech that Isabel province is in dire need of infrastructure development.

SDA pathfinders part of the parade during the celebration yesterday

“A country that does not invest in infrastructure development is a country invest in nothing and I want to thank you and our collective efforts as provinces and government for us to sit down together and chat our way forward, this pandemic has given us a wonderful opportunity to sit back and shake our heads and say think again.

“Thank you Mr Premier for outlining our successes, challenges and failures as those issues raised will help us in the next fiscal year to re-look back in the setting of the redirection strategy what we have been in this country,” Sogavare said.

He said redirection is the issue right now and there has to be more input from people on the ground, as you are the people who see the implementation of the national government programmes.

Prime Minister Sogavare was the guest of honour at the Isabel 37th anniversary celebration yesterday.

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