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Soga rebuts Wale in parl closing

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has lashed out at Opposition Leader, Matthew Wale for attacking the government on its roles, governance and decisions made on a number of national issues.

Some of the issues related to suspension of Solomon Islands Nurses Association, temporary suspension of Facebook, alleged soliciting funds from logging companies to hold members in the government and the State of Public Emergency gives too much power to Sogavare.

Winding the sine die motion last night, Sogavare described some of the allegations made by Wale as defamation of character.

He said Wale’s debate was out of context and rhetoric.

Furthermore, Sogavare accused Wale and former Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal, Dr Derek Sikua for soliciting millions of dollars to bring him down in the past.

He said Wale was firing a lot of bullets which were not effective.

Moreover, Sogavare used the sine die motion to outline Government’s programme to achieve under the re-direction policy.

He said the government aims to table the Federal Constitution and reformed the fiscal regime.

Sogavare said work on anti-corruption has started with the appointment of Director of Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption (SIICAC).

He said there is need to bring the Constitution Boundary Commission report to pass or reject it.

Parliament resumes in the first quarter next year.

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