Chiefs need recognition: Manetoali


Minister for Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Samuel Manetoali says the role of chiefs need to be recognised because they help maintain peace in the communities.

Speaking in the sine die motion in Parliament yesterday, Manetoali said in every villages in Solomon Islands, the chiefs and elders are the ones looking after the villages every day.

He said they settle disputes, call for community work and welcome strangers in the villages.

“The chiefs and elders are important people in our villages.

“They lay down rules in the villages,” he said.

Furthermore, Manetoali said the chiefs settle disputes day by day.

He said they maintain peace in the villages.

“In order to have peace, we must recognise the work of chiefs and the church.

“There cannot be any development until there is peace,” he said.

Manetoali said we cannot see or touch peace, but if we see people smiling, there is peace.

“If we see people praying, there is peace.

“If we see people singing, there is peace. If we see people dancing, there is peace,” he said.

Manetoali said peace if biblical.

“Our Lord said it all, blessed are the peace makers, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them,” he said.

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