So far so good


DESPITE a few hiccups experienced along the way for our local organising committee, so far everything is going smoothly for the MACFest, currently being held here in Honiara. Since the traditional opening on Saturday and the official opening on Sunday and commencement of exhibitions and performances everything is going okay.

Speaking to Island Sun, Culture Director, Dennis Marita says the turnout of people to the festival is more than anticipated. He said this must culminate from the opening ceremonies over the weekend, thus the high turnout.

Also speaking to Island Sun during a lunch patrol, Superintendent Solomon Sisimia says so far there has not been any mishap nor nuisance experienced during the first few days of the festival.

RSIPF patrolling at Art Gallery.

“Since day one, we are very happy with the reactions from the community as there was no problem encountered and everyone seems to be enjoying the festival. We will continue with our operations till the 10th of July 2018.”

Sisimia says even the visiting delegates are well looked after with police personnel assigned to look after them both day and night.

“So far they say that they are happy and enjoying themselves.”

At the same time, the New Caledonia delegates are quite happy with their stay so far. Also speaking to Island Sun, translator for the group, Roderika says they do not feel any different when in Solomon Islands.

Delegates from New Caledonia.

“Many Melanesians here so we fit in and blend in well here. The food was great, we have been to the market, so much diversity in the food,” Roderika says.

For the 6th MACFest, the main component of the festival will be on performing arts. More than 80 percent of the participants are featured in this area. Activities under performing arts ranges from dance to music and theatre.

A lot of this is being held at the Melanesia village with a few taking place at the Art Gallery.

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