Slap on the face

Ngella constituents question their MP’s priorities


Tourism Minister Hon Parapolo, supervising Provincial Government Minister Hon Manepora at the opening of Parasi

NGELLA people feel betrayed by their Member of Parliament (MP) having time to attend the Yam Festival at South Malaita when he could not even attend Ngella’s Pana Festival.

People of the Constituency point out that if MP Bartholomew Parapolo knows much about the economic and social benefits of such festivals then they do not understand why he could not even attend and address such in his own constituency for the knowledge and development of his people.

“Our MP and the Minister of Culture and Tourism Hon Bartholomew Parapolo commented at the yam festival opening ceremony in Saraiselu Village, Small Malaita, that yam festival can bring both economic, cultural and social benefits.

“He said such cultural festivals play an integral part in the current direction of tourism development in the country.

“He also said that the Government through his ministry is taking the lead in implementing tourism initiatives through these cultural festivities. This is in recognition that tourism in Solomon Islands offers a far more sustainable and prosperous future for our country.

“He further stated that his ministry together with other line ministries and key stakeholders are very keen in transforming the tourism industry to new heights which will focus on promoting culture and tourism at the provincial level.

“Did our MP mention such during the recent Pana Festival at Haroro,” concern constituents of Ngella commented on Ngella’s famous social media forum (NGF).

With this concern causing high debate right now, others contribute that it is not only attending the Yam Festival that is bothering them too but from observation, they say that since their MP has taken the portfolio of being the tourism Minister, he has only been instead seen busy going around cutting ribbons in other provinces in relation to tourism programs having always by-passing Ngella, his very own Constituency.

The Pana Festival that was recently launched at Ngella in line with the country’s 40th Anniversary was a significant event for Ngella people being the first time to remember and showcase the significance of the root vegetable (Pana) in Ngella’s culture.

Without the support of few within the Sandfly Community assisting Imperial Travel Service and other contributors, the memorable event would had not been possible which is why Ngella people thank Imperial Travel Service for setting a historical mark for them.

During the progress to host the Pana Festival, there was quite a stir in non-cooperation especially between significant leaders and Officers in the constituency, maybe being a result of conflict of interests too.

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