SIPO Rainbow tribe enthrones two chiefs

Sitting in middle is the Patapata Chief who have been striped from his power. He wear no traditional garment as a sign of stepping down from his duty
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SEVEN House of Chief from Vela La Vela, Chiefs from Roviana, representatives from Isabel Tribes led by Chief Gasi Gitau Gloria Sibisopere, Premier of Western Province, representative from Western Provincial government, church leaders and communities gathered at Sipo village on Tuesday to witness the enthronement of two chiefs.

Sirula Chief (first chief) Bently Pano and Sepele Chief (assistant chief) Riley Henao Mesepitu were appointed and enthroned to replace the tribe’s Patapata Chief (Highest Tribal Chief) Eapy Nabou who voluntarily stepped down due to health reasons.

Two chief of Vella escort the Sirula Chief to the Patapata Chief for his enthronement

The event marked the transfer of inherited power and authority from the Patapata Chief to Sirula chief and Sepele Chief to manage the tribe’s social and economic welfares.

According to Sipo Rainbow Tribe’s hierarchy, the Sirula Chief holds the overall power and authority of the tribe while the Sepele chief holds the advisory role to guide the Sirula chief in decision-making.

Three women from Isabel who married and live at Roviana standing at the back row ready to escort the girls for the gift presentation

In his remark when passing the powers and authority, Patapata chief, Nabou urged the newly enthroned chiefs to be the role model of the tribe making sure culture and traditional values as well as principles of the tribe are upheld at all times.

“Based on the formal Declaration of Appointment I made on 18 December 2018, do now hereby formally confers to you my inherited power and authority, the custom investiture of the chiefly rank as Sirula Chief of Sipo Rainbow Tribe in accordance with our Sipo Tribe geonology and Custom jurisdictions.

The newly enthroned chiefs escorted by two little girl and two women to the traditional house

“I now formally transfers and passes onto you the authority and power to be the next custodian of Tribe’s “Jiku” which seals and stamps the customary heritage of our tribe and the customary inheritance of the ownership of the Sipo Tribe Customary Land and Resources.

“You are to be responsible for the tribe’s custom, tradition, culture, principles and practices as well as the general welfare and well-being of our people with loving care and concern,” he said.

These are the wives of Patapata Chief (middle) Sirula Chief (right) and Sepele Chief (left).

The newly enthroned chiefs both said that they are honoured to be appointed as chiefs and will do their bests to look after the tribe’s values and principle while manning the tribe’s social and economic aspirations.

“To lead is not easy and I trust in God for his wisdom to help me deliver whatever is required for the betterment of our tribe.

“I will be your servant to safe guide our tribe and its people,” Sepele Chief Mesepitu said.

Roviana Isabel tribes ready to escort the newly enthroned chiefs

While accepting the appointment, Sirula Chief (first chief) Pano calls on his tribal members for support and cooperation.

The event concluded with presentation of gifts to the newly enthroned chiefs followed by feasting.