SINU student strike unlawful: police


Deputy Police Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi

POLICE say the strike being undertaken by the students of SINU is unlawful.

This was revealed in the weekly police press conference held yesterday.

Deputy Police Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi said the students had failed to submit a 14-day notice to police prior to commencing strike.

“The SINUSA strike approach is not proper, actually they did it internal, and according to law they must apply within 14 days’ notice.

“They should apply within 14 days for a security to be guaranteed and then the Commissioner and Police officers will approach and act responsibly to avoid any problem.”

On the first day strike, police officers from Honiara and Naha police station responded to the strike.

Today, SINUSA and members SINU will meet with the Police Commissioner to discuss the issue.

SINUSA President Mr Reginald Ngati acknowledged the police commissioner for giving them the opportunity to discuss the matter.

“I am excited about is Police Commissioner had step in and call us together to prove thing before him this argument and I think it will really help the students.

“Because we feel blame for lot of thing and push to corner for some reason we hardly explained due to the fact we stay under the radar Pro VC (Corporate) office.

“Out of the frustration and grievance, the Commissioner made the right choice to call us to make exchange discussion.”

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