SINU graduates students in superb ceremony


1858 students graduated from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) yesterday in a massive ceremony.

This is the University’s sixth since it was established in 2012, with graduates receiving certificates, diplomas and degrees.

The ceremony was attended by the SINU Chancellor Hon Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer, Attorney General – Guest of Honour/Speaker James Apaniai, Pro-Chancellor & Chairman of SINU Council Dr Culwick Togamana, Minister of Education (MEHRD) Hon John Dean Kuku, members of the SINU senior management team, diplomats, government officials and members of parliament, distinguished guests, staffs, students, graduates, their families and well-wishers.

Speaking during the ceremony, Guest of Honour Mr Apaniai congratulated the students and urged them to use the knowledge gained from the school to help in the growth of the economy, keeping leadership roles in community, families and the nation.

Three happy ladies with their well-deserved certificates.

“This day is your day. As a Guest of Honour/Speaker for the ceremony, it is my great pleasure to offer you my congratulations on this very special graduation day as you have demonstrated courage, hard work and dedication to your learning. Hence, that the result of your hard works will be awarded with a qualification that is recognised nationally and internationally.

“Sure enough, that your sponsors either private or SIG sponsored are experiencing the same feeling today.

“You and your parents, guardians, relatives and friends have made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that you get this far and I am sure that they also happy and excited to witness your graduation this morning, knowing that their efforts and hard work, as well as their contributions, have paid off.”

He encourages the graduates not to be satisfied with the achievements that they have attained as there is so much opportunity for higher and greater achievements and success that still lie ahead of them.

He added that the road to greater achievement and success is narrow and there are few who travel it however, he said that he believes that they can be among those few that travel that road.

In their word of thanks, Ms Winnie Ashley, the graduates’ representative conveyed their gratitude for the experience of a wonderful graduation ceremony.

She thanked all family members of all graduates for all the support that they have given to each of them in their own ways.

She said that it is their support that has always inspired them to overcome challenges and obstacles to get to where they are today.

“Having to leave the comfort homes, having survived the core of our exams, due dates of assignments, and the early morning bus trips through Honiara’s dusty roads and pot holes, I think we should be proud to have made it here in one piece,” she said.

The graduates were challenged to live a life of integrity and filled with moral values and to uphold the most important principle of SINU – Educate to Inspire.

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