SINU ambitious for improvement

Medal recipients
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TRANSITION of the Solomon Islands National University five years ago has availed 10 Bachelor Degree programmes additional to its certificate and diplomas.

Yesterday, 1858 students graduated from Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) with remarkable results since its transition from SICHE.

Looking to the future, SINU is ambitious to improve the University to become a well recognised institution regionally and globally.

At the graduation ceremony, Acting Pro Vice Chancellor Basil Marasinghe said SINU now conducts 10 bachelor degree programmes and within the next 12 months, four to five more will be added.

In the latter part of 2016 and in early 2017 over 20 infrastructure projects costing over $250 million commenced, Mr Marasinghe said.

Medal recipients

Marasinghe said Solomon Islands Government, staffs and members of the community fully support SINU in its ambition to change the face of the University.

“While they agree that we have accomplished much, and that the university has significant momentum, they want us to attain even greater international prominence,” Marasinghe said.

He adds with their plans to developing SINU further, the country as a whole have shown tremendous willingness to help them achieve very high goals.

SINU’s overall goal, Marasinghe said they want SINU to become one of top 1000 universities in the world within the next five years – it is a realistic target.

Marasinghe explained SINU currently is operating under the stronghold of council members consisting of highly educated and experienced members including senior managers, academics and general staffs.

He also explained SINU can achieve its target because already they have set up a world-class fisheries complex, science teaching and research complex which will open in three months’ time.

Meanwhile, SINU thanked the SIG for continuous support including generosity from the KOICA, ROC, DFAT/Australia, WHO and UNDP.