SINU disappoints PM

DEAR EDITOR, SINU Management wishes to provide the following information on the progress made so far in the implementation of Solar Hybrid Power Generation Project.

This is to make clarification and to response to the news item and the statement from the Honourable Prime Minister in relation to the Solar Hybrid Power Generation Project for SINU donated by the Republic of China, Taiwan.

The SINU Management would like to correct the misleading statement by the news article which appeared in the Island Sun newspaper issue of Tuesday May 29, 2018.

The SINU since the beginning of this year has been working closely with the Republic of China Embassy Office to implement the Solar Hybrid Power Generation Project.

Both parties have agreed that the tendering process for project should be in line with the SINU tendering and procurement procedure.

SINU has established its Project Team that worked on the project.

The fact is that the university Tender Board has already identified the winning bidder out of the two ROC Solar companies that bided for the project but since the value of the project is USD 1 million equivalent to approximately SBD 8 million, the recommendation of the Tender Board Committee was then submitted to the joint Finance and Investment Committee Planning and Development Committee of the SINU Council for its approval.

The SINU Management wants to clarify there is no delay from SINU on the implementation of the project.

Since the announcement of the funding last year, the SINU has not received any clear information on how to get the project started but at the beginning of this year, SINU has been working with the ROC Embassy office to implement the project.

The SINU Management does not think it is fair on the PM to put the blame on SINU senior Management on the current progress and status of the project because the SINU Project Team has worked really hard with support from the SINU Management to get to the current stage of implementation.

Had the PM or the Island Sun newspaper reporter sort clarification from SINU Management before going out to the media, the SINU would provide the right information needed.

There was no delay from the SINU Management but the joint Finance & Investment and Planning and Development Committee of Council demands for a Business case and other cost benefits analysis data from the benefits of SINU having the Solar Project implemented cause the delay in the formal confirmation and formal announcement of the winning bidder.

The article as appeared in May 29, 2018 issue of the Island Sun is really a disappointment to the SINU Management, its hard working staff and other colleagues from Solomon Power (SIEA) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy who were actively involved on the Project.

The SINU Project Team has worked closely with our counterpart from ROC in moving the project forward and communication has been done on regular basis.

SINU Management hopes this clarifies our side of the story about the Solar Hybrid Power Generation Project that there was no delay as perceived in the article but the University making sure that project has gone through its internal process for checks and approval.


Donald P Malasa

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Corporate)/Acting Vice – Chancellor (supervising)


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