SINU-DFL temporary coordinators conference


DISTANCE and Flexible Learning (DFL) Centre of Solomon Islands National University is spreading its wings into the provinces.

Temporary coordinators have been recruited from the provinces to facilitate the DFL programme.

A three-day conference workshop was held from April 9-11, organised by the Learner Support of SINU’s Distance and Flexible Learning Centre for the Provincial Coordinators.

The participants are those who will be coordinating the DFLC’s distance programme out in the provinces, and out of the nine provincial centre coordinators, six came to attend the conference.

During the first day of the conference, the provincial coordinators identified their weaknesses, strengths and challenges plus other issues that they face when coordinating distance learning in the provincial centres.

After identifying their weaknesses and strengths, the provincial coordinators and the DFL staff under the guidance of the Manager, discussed the way forward for the provincial coordinators.

Of paramount importance is the support that the distant learner looks to the provincial coordinators and the DFL office for.

In providing the support, most distant students will find encouragement to complete the programmes they started.

The three-day conference concluded with a closing remark from the Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Marasinghe who conveyed SINU’s appreciation for the participants and the event.

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