SINPF to ‘outright purchase’ Auki Plaza



Provincial Secretary of Malaita Province, Mr Jackson Gege.

THE National Provident Fund will ‘outright purchase’ the Auki plaza.

Malaita Provincial Secretary Mr Jackson Gege clarified this amidst confusion by public in Malaita over the type of agreement between the Fund and the provincial government over the plaza’s procurement.

Rumours have been circulating that the plaza will remain a property of the provincial government but will be developed by NPF and reimbursed by Malaita over time.

However, Gege plays down the rumours saying the Fund will buy out the Auki plaza and develop it as its own asset.

He explains that despite being a property of the NPF, the plaza stands to benefit the people of Malaita since it is situated in the capital – Auki.

“And in our view we see the property still belongs to Malaitans because huge numbers of Malaitans make contribution and invest in the fund.

“Another thing considered here is since Malaita Province doesn’t have strong back-up to do investment, it’s better for NPF to do the investment,” he said.

Mr Gege added that another area people need to understand was Malaita province will still charge business fees and property rates on businesses operating in the building after its integration.

“So although the property will own by NPF, Malaita Province will still collect revenue out of it,” he said.

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