Simple surgical masks recommended by MHMS


SIMPLE surgical masks have been recommended by Ministry of Health and Medical Services, says Dr Jimmie Rodgers, Secretary to Prime Minister and Member of the Oversight Committee.

Rogers said the basic recommended mask is the surgical mask which is blue in colour, however at the moment the number of covid-19 recorded in country has been contained on quarantined centers and Isolation facilities.

He said the simple surgical mask is the most common mask which was recommended by Ministry of health and Medical Services to wear in event if we need more sophisticated mask.

“Also, if we have suspected spread in community this mask is still useful but that is where we go for the black mask and the N95. For N95 mask it means 95 percent of the bacteria cannot go into the mask or comes out of the mask,” said Rodgers.

He adds the most important thing about mask is it did not protect you from others in a sense but it protects others from you.  

“For instance, in places like the USA where they not wear mask, there is a lot of drop-lets go out and it affects them where as if you wear mask when you are infected you will not spread it that is the nature and rational to wear mask.

But simple surgical mask that is the one that is commonly recommended,” said Rodgers.

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