Airline board’s stand on audit findings

Solomon Airlines airbus
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THE Board of Solomon Airlines Ltd decided not to dwell into the internal audit report released on 17th February 2020 over the poor management decision making on transition of old A320 to new A320-200 plane.

The audit found that the sale of an old A320; purchase a new A320-200 and the new Twin-Outter from Ikana was done by Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Manager alone, this led to financial constraints at the airline.

The report found that Gebbers recruited his own son to be IT administrator in Brisbane.

Further to that, Heston MRO PTY Ltd deposited SBD$20million for the sale of A320, shortfall of $3 million in Solomon Airlines bank account with $16 million in the balance.

The Board was forced to find $3m to pay the loan before the deadline on 31st January 2020.

The audit states the CEO stepped in with $1 million to meet the deadline of the loan and Solomon Airlines repaid him with $500,000 later.

Furthermore, the audit report claimed the hiring of airlines has cost Solomon Airlines while the tickets sales are low.

However, Deputy Chairman of Solomon Airlines Board, Rob Bochman said “please be aware that while we appreciate your interest in Solomon Airlines, we will not be engaging further, other than to comment that the Airline’s financial strategy and aircraft financing are extremely complex matters which require expert understanding of all of the issues involved.

“As a matter of due diligence, the Board of Solomon Airlines Ltd monitors and remains fully appraised of strategic decisions and the financial activity of the national carrier.

“The Minister for Finance as well as shareholders ICSI are also fully briefed on developments of material significance.,” he said. 

“We are fully satisfied that the CEO and management team at Solomon Airlines Ltd are continuing to lead the airline with integrity, and with the best intentions, through an extremely difficult period for airlines worldwide,” Bochman said.