Sikaiana clinic has a nurse

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MINISTRY of Health and Medical Service through Malaita Provincial Health Authority has posted a nurse to Sikaiana clinic in the Malaita Outer Islands.

The posting was made following a rise in health and medical complications on the atoll after the former nurse left.

Report received says a health team is currently in the Malaita Outer Islands, and yesterday they confirmed that a nurse has been stationed on Sikaiana.

Sikaiana populace is recovering from a recent diarrhoea outbreak, and the arrival of a nurse is timely.

It is also recommended that due to the isolation of Sikaiana, a permanent working nurse needs to be stationed on the atoll.

The report also confirmed that the clinic received a supply of drugs from the recent visit to Sikaiana after the clinic ran out of drugs.

It said the supply will support a lot in the recovery of the current diarrhoea situation on the island and to strengthen drug capacity of the clinic.