Diarrhoea outbreak in Sikaiana under control.



The reported diarrhoea outbreak on Sikaiana islands is now under control.

This followed the ministry of health’s response to earlier reports of the outbreak.

Personnel in Sikaiana could not be reached for comments, however, part of the touring health team is in Luaniua, and they have reported that the rate of the sick has been reduced since their colleagues arrived at the island.

The report said on Friday last week a health team was deployed to Sikaiana via Auki and arrived on the island on Sunday.

It said upon the arrival the team on Sunday, the team held a meeting with Sikaiana House of chief and other stakeholders in the community as way of investigating the outbreak.

The report said on Monday the team launched a house-to-house investigation into the outbreak with the help of the community to find out the causes of the outbreak.

It said the team came up with the causes for the outbreak that centred on hygiene and weather pattern especially rain the island had experienced prior to the month of March.     

The report said upon the findings, the team provided awareness to the community particularly on the level of hygiene that needs improvement on the island.

It said this is the main area identified as cause to the outbreak and advices were given to people during the awareness on how they can look after general hygiene within their community.

The report said the team hopes for cooperation of the community upon advices given to defeat the current outbreak and discourage similar outbreaks in the future 

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