SIDCCG to continue supporting G-province

Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare with his key note address.
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Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare with his key note address.

THE deputy prime minister has assured the government and people of Guadalcanal province that the ruling national government coalition remains committed to helping the province grow and prosper.

Deputy PM and finance minister Manasseh Sogavare in last week’s celebration of Guadalcanal province’s 34th second appointed day, “As demonstrated to you in the past years and since achieving your status as a recognised provincial government 34 years ago, the national government through the ministries has been very instrumental and supportive in navigating your way throughout these past years.

“The national government has provided resources and technical assistance to cater for your human resource needs, financial needs, social economic aspirations and guidance in making policy decisions and encouraging active participation and cooperation for our people to ensure that development does take place in this province.”

The deputy prime minister also mentioned that there are issues and problems that need acknowledging – one of them, finding a better way of structuring the economy.

“We are still looking, with close consultations with our people and the provincial government,” he said.

In his speech, he stated that Guadalcanal province’s theme for 2018 is not only fitting but reflects the future directions that a growing nation must take in order to have a better tomorrow.

Sogavare proceeded to stress that shared economic objectives and aspirations must always be the pillars that guide us into the future.

He mentioned that with very little manpower and financial resources, partnership is the way forward.

“As the saying goes, no man is an island,” said Sogavare.

Addressing the premier and people of Guadalcanal who attend the day’s programme, he stressed that while they forge new partnerships they must also ensure that all partnerships are realigned for their growing needs as through partnerships they share each other’s strength and strengthen each other’s weaknesses.

On another note, Sogavare then spoke of how the national government has supported and will continue to support the province.

Sogavare assured the Premier and the people of Guadalcanal province of the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (SIDCCG) ongoing commitment and support.

He furthered that the national government through the involvement of its various ministries and agencies will continue to work with Guadalcanal’s provincial government and people and support them to achieve their development aspirations.