SIDCCG committed to development amidst challenges


THE Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) is serious in its endeavour to set in place a mechanism or system where people’s voices can be truly heard, where they have the tendency to govern themselves and are able to benefit from their own resources.

As stated by Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, this ascends from the government’s legislative review in which cabinet has already endorsed the continual work on the provincial government act in conjunction with the draft federal constitution.

He voiced that the national government wants services to be effectively delivered to the people and that they get maximum benefits from their own resources.

Hence, Sogavare said that further consultations on the legislative review will be carried out later this year.

In addition to the review, the finance minister stressed that a revenue sharing scheme expert has also been engaged and is now doing a study of which recommendations will be made on the manner of how our national revenue should be determined and distributed accordingly.

“The concern of our government now is to make sure that the people receive a fair share of the revenues derived from their own national resources,” he reiterated.

On a further note, Sogavare expressed that SIDCCG lays strong emphasis on the perspective that prosperity and social economic development should be strengthened by common understanding, cooperation and joint efforts between stakeholders.

“I therefore appeal for cooperation and mutual understanding among our partners and let us allow peaceful and meaningful co-existence to dwell among us with one common goal and objective for common good of this province”, he said.

In closing remarks, whilst joining the premier and people of Guadalcanal in commemorating their 34th anniversary and celebrating their second appointed day on August 3, Sogavare voiced that SIDCCG will support driving forward development for the people of Solomon Islands amidst challenges afar.

“Let me assure you again the support of the national government in driving forward the developmental and social economic needs of our people. Of course as I’ve mentioned, that there is no easy way to successful development. Sometimes we need to accept sacrifices for the benefits of our future generations.

“The development journey ahead of us is still challenging, however the more we cooperate and mobilise our resources together the better it is for all of us in terms of development,” he said.

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