‘SI yet to realise political freedom’

MMF President Martin Housanau
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MMF President Martin Housanau

SOLOMON Islands is yet to see what real freedom and liberty means, according to President of Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF), Martin Housanau.

Addressing those who attended an annual general meeting on October 8 at the National Museum Auditorium, he stressed on the above sentiment.

Housanau stated that although we have gained independence in 1978, we are yet to achieve political and economic freedom in our country.

He said important sectors in our economy like cocoa and copra are taken over by foreign companies, even mining and the list goes on.

Housanau mentioned that we talk about the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF), but see no tangible developments in the constituencies.

In relation, he stated that being independent means being able to make our own decisions as indigenous Solomon Islanders regardless of province so long as one is a leader.

Housanau expressed that unfortunately since independence every decision that has been made by our political leaders is determined by donors.

“That is not political independence,” he said.

Housanau voiced that our leaders must have the courage to make decisions for us.

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