$8m debt to SINU an embarrassment for Guadalcanal people’

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A North Guadalcanal Chief has voiced his disappointment in Guadalcanal Provincial Government (GPG) over its inability to pay for their student’s tuition fees at SINU.

Chief Benedict Garimane says he is quite disappointed and angry when he saw that GP Education Authority owes $8million to the country’s local university.

He said GP Education Authority should prioritise spending on the province’s Human Resources.

He said GPG has been able to prioritise spending on the province’s human resources to Canada.

“Why shouldn’t they do the same for our local university?” he questioned.

Garimane said these are the same human resources that the GPG Premier was referring to when he spoke highly of the CITREC programme.

“If they are be able to spend money to meet the graduate’s expenses to Canada, they can be able to spend money for the students to complete their studies at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU),” Garimane said.

He said GPG should set its priorities right, and urges the Guadalcanal Education Authority to pay up its debts at the SINU.

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