SHHH!!!……..Miner warns landowner against going to media

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WIN Win mining company Ltd is demanding the outspoken landowner of Turarana, Joel Jackson, to refrain from going to the media and to apologise to the company.

In a letter issued by the company’s lawyer Whitlam Togamae to Jackson on July 2, it states:

  1. That you and your associates always published unnecessary news on media about our client Win Win investment limited mining operation.
  2. That you and your associates or group have manipulated the landowners to sign papers influencing them with untrue information causing problems among landowners with out client, as well as headline on media within Solomon Islands nation as a whole.
  3. That you and your associate or group always trying to sabotage Win Win Investment Limited good mining operation and existence.

Togamae said there were and are rightful land trustees and executive from landowners and their client representative to deal with any issue arising.

He said “your (Jackson’s) actions seem illegal and deems to defamation where you hereby noted and advised as follows;

  1. You and your associate or group must cease and refrain from publishing on media any article relates or regarding our clients mining operation.
  2. You and your associates or group must quit influencing the landowners with untrue information or initiating the landowners within or surrounding communities to sign papers that surely will cause harm and destablise Win Win Investment Limited.
  3. That you also advised to cease any intention to sabotage the lawful existence of Win Win Investment Limited mining operation, doing so is illegal.

Togamae furthers by telling Jackson that he has instructions to file legal proceedings against him and his associates once they do not comply.

“Be informed that we hereby also request you and your associate to must formally apologise to Win Win Investment Ltd within 14 days.

“Failure to comply means we will initiate legal proceeding against you and your associate in the Court of law,” he added.

However, Jackson has denied any untrue or unnecessary news on media because all his information is based on facts.

He said there was no manipulation to influence landowners to sign papers to influence them with untrue information.

Jackson said every landowner agreed to sign the papers because they see there is something wrong with the company since its operation on their land.

Further to that, he said there is no intention to sabotage against Win Win as they want the company to come out clear and explain to landowners demands in the SAA.

As such, Jackson said he will not apologise to the company and his group is ready to secure a service of a lawyer to represent them fight against the company.