Seven petition cases pending


CHIEF Justice Sir Albert Palmer says seven petition cases are still pending hearing.

Sir Albert speaking at the opening of the High Court room two on Thursday said the courts lack of rooms for hearing of cases and with the opening of the court room 2 it will help to hear and dispose cases.

He said noting that all decisions on election petition have to be delivered not later than May 20, 2020, in some earlier depending on the date of filing it gives the court limited time.

“This narrow window of time imposed by Parliament when it passed the new Electoral Act 2018 into law, gives little room for the High Court to maneuver other than to ensure that the legislative mandate is compiled with”, Sir Albert said.

He said out of 24 remaining election petition cases, 3 are partly heard and or currently being heard, 9 have been completed and judgments delivered, 5 have been heard and awaiting judgment and 7 are waiting to be heard that comes to 24.

‘We will need to be patient and expect delays of some 2-3 months before those court rooms will become available again. We hope that there will be a quicker turn around, if Government processes can be fast tracked to enable us achieve what is necessary for the building and court rooms to be made ready”, Sir Albert adds.

He also said that the court room two will primarily be used for civil hearings.

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