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FROM L-R..NOCSI President and NHA vice chairman Martin Rara, WIKA countrymanager Addur Rachman and WIKA Project Manager during the NHA press conference on Friday 6th March 2020. Picture Taromane Martin
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Indonesia to deliver Stadium by 2021

By Taromane Martin

MONEY from the Indonesian government to build the multipurpose hall to host futsal competitions during the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara is already guaranteed.

In fact, Indonesia has already given the money for the Multipurpose Hall project last year and is in a bank account co-shared by Solomon Islands and Indonesia, Sol2023 National Hosting Authority Chairman Dr Jimmy Rodgers revealed during a press conference yesterday.

“The origins of this project begun during a conversation between Indonesian President and former Prime the margins of APEC Leaders meeting in Port Moresby,” the NHA Chairman said.

“That sort of gave birth to this where Solomon Islands at that stage raised the question of whether the Indonesian government would support our initiative, knowing very well that Indonesia had just successfully hosted the Asian Games at that time.

“It was taken very seriously and progressed really fast with the Indonesian government allocating about seven-and-a half million US dollars which roughly about 65 million Solomon dollars to this project.

“And they’ve also done something that has not happen to any projects in the country before. Money for the project was paid in last year and is in a Tesco bank account co-shared by Solomon Islands and Indonesian government.

“So basically the money for the project is already in the bank, so to speak meaning there are no financial setbacks expected on this project by the Indonesian government,” he said.

The Multi-Purpose Hall will be built in the KGVI-Panatina Sports Complex, where the Main Stadium, Aquatics and Tennis Complex for the 2023 Pacific Games will be built.

The MP hall is a single complex that will house three court areas capable of playing futsal, basketball, netball, volleyball and a host of other sports.

 Importantly the Hall will be able to function as a centre to support large gatherings such as trade shows, church assemblies, school examinations, major social events and could also provide emergency shelter in the event of a natural disaster for instance.

The complex is over 5800 sq. meters and features 6 change rooms, a conference room area, and permanent retractable seating for over 1500 people. The hall could potentially hold over 4000 people in different seating configurations.

Dr Rodgers also revealed that the Indonesian government has allocated a state owned enterprise, PT Wijaya Kara (WIKA) to design and build the Multipurpose Hall facility which will be the first facility that will be ready for the games.

“We still have some finessing to get all the details signed. We’ll sign the final constructions agreements around first week of May and from then on constructions will start.

 “This will be the first facility that will be completed for the 2023 Pacific Games. So we are grateful to the Indonesian government for their support.” Dr Rodgers said.