Separate ward for Anuta approved


Premier Maina kneeling before Chief Ti Kainanga.

THE report has been passed by the Temotu Provincial Assembly and is now with the Boundary Commission in the national level who has approved the recommendations.

According to provincial secretary, Mr Alan Sepe Agassi, Premier David Maina was responding to the people of Anuta during his visit to the island last week when they requested to become a separate ward on the basis that they have not benefited from ward grants for many years.

He added that the Premier’s presentation of the taskforce report on the ward boundary recommendation for Anuta Island to be a separate ward in the province received a jubilant round of applause.

Agassi mentioned that the island’s spokesman expressed that it is very exciting to have the provincial leader present, describing it as a rare occasion for them which they are very happy about.

He also stated that the spokesman said that the Premier’s effort to visit such a remote place is a clear testament of his concern and seriousness to involve them in the affairs of the province.

The provincial secretary said that the delegation was welcomed with a traditional dance, performed by eight warrior dancers singing traditional tunes only distinct to the islanders.

He noted that after being garlanded, they were then led to meet Anuta’s second chief, Chief Ti Kainanga.

Respecting the island’s tradition, Agassi said all members of the delegation crawled to pay respect to the chief and to be accepted to the island.

He furthered that Maina and his delegation presented two gifts to the chiefs and received traditional mats.

Agassi said that the island is made up of a 300-plus population remotely located with a rough and dangerous landing area.

He stressed that a clinic was built in the past but was destroyed by cyclone and since then has never been replaced.

“On the education service, there is a primary school on the island where all children attend. Higher classes are obtained at Tikopia and other schools in the province.

“Special consideration in terms of design is important for both Tikopia and Anuta. This, the province will approach the government to design such infrastructure services to reflect island features as they have proven durability against strong winds,” said Agassi.

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