Second team SOLMAT leaves for Border

SOLMAT second team before their deployment to strengthen the SIG-PNG border responses to COVID-19. Photo credit: Dian Maggie Row
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THE Second Solomon Islands Emergency Medical Team (SOLMAT) left for Short lands Western Border on Thursday 14th May as part of the country’s emergency preparation activities.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health Pauline McNeil said the first SOLMAT team arrived on Wednesday 13th May and their second team left on Thursday 14th May for Western Border.      

“Our SOLMAT team that was deployed to Shortland Islands in the border they are arriving on Wednesday 13th May and we will be sending our second team on Thursday 14th May to Shortland Islands in preparation for our emergency preparations,” she said.

Mrs McNeil adds that last week they launched their conferencing facility and connectivity.

She explains that “this is quite important because of the communications and the linkages that they will continues to have between their partners especially at the border.

“So, as we speak also the ICTU team they went down to Shortlands to set up the conferencing facility so that they can connect our officers here in Honiara to Kariki and Mono to Tuha in the Western province.

“It is quite important that those systems are in place to make the linkages between our team.

“We are excited about how we are progressing in terms of our preparations with the support of the oversight committee members and their partners at the national level as well as from the provinces,” she said.

McNeil adds in terms of provincial update, all the provincial health directors and partners at the provinces they are also continuing on the preparation on outreach and also the facilities for quarantine and also isolation training is still undergoing.