Seawall a facelift for Gizo


A 50-metre seawall has been completed at Malakerava, adding value to the beauty of Gizo town and also providing safety to communities from sea level rise.

The seawall is constructed by Fair Trade Company with support from the National Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

According to Fair Trade Supervising Engineer, Jealot Giri, the seawall was completed within three weeks after planning and mapping out of ground works.

The height of the seawall

“Resources such as stones and gravels were on our side so as soon as we collect these important component for the project, we get down to work.

“Additionally, the area was idle for engineering work as the ground was strong with rocks intact, so the task was a bit easy,” he said.

Giri said the seawall is of the many projects that Fair Trade was tasked to carry out in Gizo, Western Province.

He said the purpose of the seawall is to enhance safety and also soil erosion caused by sea level rise and also raging waves during bad weather.

Fair Trade Staff Jealot Giri

Giri stressed that there is a need to extend the seawall along Malakerava shoreline as sea level rise is eating up the land at a rapid pace.

“As we see, the ocean has swallow large part of the shoreline and there is less time left before the beautiful shoreline will be gone,” he said.

Gizo Resident, Sharon Dina said constructing seawall along Malakevara shoreline is the best option to save the shoreline from disappearing under water.

Gizo Residence Sharon Dina

“This seawall is a best start and it would be more helpful to protect the shoreline if the sea wall is extended to the entire of Malakerava shoreline.

“I’m of the view that it is time for the national government and donor partners to fund such project as it protect our urban centers from sea level rise,” she said.

Dina acknowledged Fair Trade Company for the job well-done saying that the seawall will not only protect the communities from sea level rise but will also provide recreation for residents to chill out.

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