Police call on students to avoid unlawful gathering

CALM DOWN: Police Inspector Tex Tafoa addressing a crowd that gathered at Kukum yesterday in anticipation of a protest march to the Prime Minister's Office. Heavy presence of Police on ground at Kukum on Monday calmed the rowdy crowd and dispersed them while their leaders worked with Police to address the issue.
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POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau is urging students and young people not to participate in unlawful gatherings and protests.

He says this after students were seen participating in Monday’s gathering of a rowdy crowd planning to march on the prime minister’s office.

“Parents, guardians and teachers must remind students that such gathering is illegal.”

He said students and young people must stay away from such.

Mangau said in previous occasions some students were among those caught, resulting in these scholars having a criminal record.

“Therefore, students and young people must away from crime and illegal activities, because it will spoil their future in their education.

“It has been experienced that student and young people who came here for police clearance are struggling because they have a criminal history and I’m sad to see this though they have higher qualification but due to criminal records, it affected their live and their living.”

The situation is now calm and schools should allow classes to continue, Mangau said.

Mangau said police will not tolerate such activities that threaten public safety.

He said there will be 200 police officers on patrol from now and throughout the week assessing the situation in making sure peace and security is maintained.