Bellona organic farmer in Honiara to promote harvest

Mr Bix Paul with his healthy organically grown cabbages. On his right hand is Pak Choi and left, Saladia
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Motivated by the healthy growth and harvest of his organically grown variety of cabbages, Mr Bix Paul travels more than 200 kilometres from Bellona in the far south-eastern province of Renbell to Honiara yesterday to promote his produce and share his story.     

Mr Paul is the chairperson of the recently formed Bellona Organic Farmers Association (BOFA) and this harvest is a fruit of their labour.   

Paul brought his sample harvest of about 30 heads of fresh-looking healthy cabbages in a flight from Bellona to Honiara yesterday morning, a mix of Saladia, Pak Choi and commonly known Slippery Cabbage.

“We don’t depend on fertilisers, we can plant organically,” he started.

“What motivates me to come over here and promote my organic farming is seeing the healthy growth of the varieties of cabbage planted which is entirely grown organically.

 Mr Paul said BOFA formed in 2019 and has 75 member families. The association is affiliated to Kastom Garden.

“I come here to promote my Bellona Organic Farmers Association for their hard work. These cabbages were grown on our Phosphate Island of Bellona, given to us by God,” Mr Paul said.

He said currently his association make a garden of 150 meter in length and 35 meter wide in preparation for their 1000 cabbage which were now on nursery.

“We are now do pricking in preparation to plant in this garden,” he said

Mr Paul thanked the Kastom Garden staff for their support in terms of seeds.

“My greatest wish if the National Government to devolve its agriculture development plan to institution such as Kastom garden, it will work better because Kastom Garden has programmes of visiting rural areas in the country,” Paul said.

He said no one from the Ministry of Agriculture visit them.

“If the government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Development devolve all funding in terms of funding on agriculture development to Kastom Garden, they can improve on the agriculture development down to remote rural areas such as in Bellona.”

Paul said one of their long-term objectives is to contribute to supply for the South Pacific Games in 2023 with honey, pawpaw and melon because they can produce these organically with high quality.

He adds this is just a beginning and they still need support from the government and others who might willing to assist the association.