The Seventh Day Adventist Church has thrown its full support behind the covid-19 vaccine.

In doing so, it has downplayed rumours that the Church does not allow covid-19 vaccination for its members.

This is according to the SDA Solomon Islands president Pastor Silent Tovosia.

Mr Tovosia confirmed this to Island Sun yesterday following claims circulating in Honiara, saying SDA members are not allowed to be jabbed.

Absolutely not,” Tovosia said.

“We encourage all our members above 18 years to go for their vaccinations in full support of the Government’s programme,” he added.

“I deny these claims. They are completely false.”

Tovosia said they strongly advise all members (above 18) to cooperate with the church and Government and have their vaccinations done as soon as possible.

“It is the only way to help protect yourself, your family and your country,” he said.

Tovosia further stated the SDA church relies on the scientific evidence endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to encourage all members of the church and communities to have their vaccinations with the vaccines promoted by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

He said an official statement encouraging members to get vaccinated had been circulated to all SDA churches and pastors.

“As we cooperate with the Government, Ministry of Health, and the PM’s task force, let’s also pray that God will help to keep our country free from the COVID 19 as we continue with the Vaccination program.

“For your encouragement read Psalms 46:1-11.”

Tovosia’s proclamation isolates incidents in which some SDA pastors have reportedly advised their flocks to avoid getting the jab, claiming that the covid-19 vaccine is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ [a prophecy in the Biblical Book of Revelations which identifies followers of an evil authority which will rise in the end of times, leading to the persecution of faithful Christians. It is one of the most heavily preached beliefs of the SDA Church].

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