Refurbished Kukum clinic re-opens


HEALTH authorities yesterday re-opened the strategically-located Kukum clinic in east Honiara.

The clinic has been undergoing major refurbishment work since last year.

“The reopening of the clinic will ease the burden of over-crowdedness currently experienced at the National Referral Hospital (NRH),” deputy city mayor Robert Oge said.

Robert Oge Deputy Mayor to Honiara City Council delivering the key note address to mark the official opening of Kukum Clinic refurbishment

“Now that the clinic has reopened, we expect it to ease the burden experienced at the Outpatient of the NRH,” he added.

“Now our people will once more able to access the facility when they need it.”

Oge called on Honiara residents to go back to Kukum clinic and see the nurses and doctors there before they could be referred to the NRH.

“Our doctors and nurses will make the decision on whether you need to be referred to NRH for further treatment,” he said.

Antenatal room inside the newly refurbished Kukum health centre

Oge said the refurbishment work has gone behind schedule, but thanked the public for their patience.

“I empathize with the experiences you went through during the closure of Kukum clinic.

“May I kindly call for your cooperation in looking after this facility. Building new facility or renovation is no small task.

“It requires resources such as money to complete the job.”

Olivia Bale Nurse in charge for Kukum Health Center escorting guests to visit the newly reopened clinic

Oge also reminded nurses and doctors working at the clinic to faithfully serve the sick and use the facility for its intended purpose.

“Whilst we appreciate the re-opening of Kukum clinic, let me quickly remind us that health is everybody’s business.

“Please look after yourself. Avoid unhealthy behavior which makes you sick.”

Meanwhile, opening hours for the clinic is from 8am – 10pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8am – 4pm on weekends. This was the usual opening hours agreed upon previously.

Kukum Health Center health workers

Health Director for Honiara City Council Dr Chris Becha said this reopening of Kukum will pave the way to relook at the arrangement for the posting of medical officers.

“Kukum clinic is strategically located,” Becha said.

“It serves the population of Honiara well since its establishment,” he added.

“I therefore will discuss with all colleague doctors on how best to serve our people of Honiara.”

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