SDA mission halted

Kwailabesi landowners threaten to close down Church’s development



SEVENTH Day Adventist Mission’s developments in Kwailabesi, North Malaita, is facing a stop-threat from disgruntled landowners.

Spokesperson of Kao Tribe – the tribe which looks after Kwailabesi land, Mr Ambrose Oiofadolofera says his tribe will stop further development on Kwailabesi land.

He said the embargo is due to unresolved issues pertaining to the land lease between Kao Tribe and the SDA Mission on the said area.

Mr Oiofadolofera said the land lease agreement between Kao Tribe and SDA Mission had already expired in February this year and is pending review.

He furthers that attempts his tribe has made to review the land lease have been negatively met since the land lease expired.

Mr Oiofadolofera conveys his tribe’s disappointment to see failures made by the SDA Head Office to address its stand-off with the tribe.

“We are disappointed to see fundraising in aid of the development programmes still continue, though we have mentioned to the SDA Head office about our disappointments,” he said.

Mr Oiofadolofera said further development can be rolled out if the review of the land lease is made between the two parties.

He explained that his tribe is not against all the positive development and services SDA Mission have done but wants to see a common agreement made between the Mission and Koa Tribe.

“We don’t stop the development and important services that have been offered under this mission, our concern is for us to sign a common understanding under our land lease agreement,” Mr Oiofadolofera said.

He said his tribe is looking forward to discussing the issues with officials from the SDA Head Office here in Honiara.

Attempt to get comments from the SDA Church Head office was unsuccessful yesterday.

Kwailabesi is a Mission Station established by the Seventh Day Adventist Church providing medical, education and also pastoral services for the people in the area.

With the latest turn of events, these services which have been depended on by people from the area and surrounding communities are at risk of closure.

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