No decision yet for beche-de-mer export licence


THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) is still in the process of deciding who will be the four beche-de-mer export licence holders.

This was confirmed by the Ministry’s Director Mr Edward Honiwala to Island Sun yesterday.

He said they are trying their best for the assessment committee to meet this week as some appointed officers being in the committee are on duty travelling overseas since last week.

“What the PS of the Ministry of Fisheries is trying to do now is to make another appointment within the Ministry to replace few of the appointed Officers on duty tour because they will be returning early next month,” said Mr Honiwala.

“We have to make some reassessment on them today or tomorrow [yesterday and today] to allow the committee to precede with their assessment for the four export licence holders.

“These are legal processes so we cannot ignore them.”

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